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Bitcoin wallet
Virtual currency

What is a (BTC) Bitcoin wallet, and how to use it?

To trade using the world’s best-known cryptocurrency, you must have a Bitcoin wallet. There are different types of wallets: hardware, software, browser-based… When asked which wallet is best, no one is able to provide a universal answer. It all depends on individual preferences, and the…

Bitcoin chart
Virtual currency

Bitcoin charts – history and value

Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency in the world, differs significantly from dollars or any other traditional currency. It has different factors impacting its value, which is graphically represented in form of charts. How to read them? What is the meaning of their individual elements? What…

What is Bitcoin
Virtual currency

What is Bitcoin (BTC) and is it worth?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has long been attracting the interest of the media, especially those relating to financial and economic issues. Each year, it is gaining a growing number of users. Is it possible to buy products and services using Bitcoin? How does Bitcoin…