When I first entered the industry I understood CLFP stood for knowledge, credibility and integrity – the characteristics I want for myself and my company. For the last 13 years the CLFP designation has played a major role in our success in establishing relationships with banks and funding sources. Better business means doing business with a CLFP.

Orion First Financial

I wanted to set myself apart from others early on in my career and obtaining my CLFP certification certainly helped to distinguish myself within the lease and finance industry. When I founded Orion First Financial I wanted our management team to be well rounded, experienced and talented individuals committed to our industry. All but one of our senior managers is a CLFP. Our junior managers also see the value of certification and some have already obtained their CLFP certification. I expect that all of our managers will strive to achieve and become Certified Lease & Finance Professionals once they are eligible.

Kevin Clune, CLFP
Clune & Company LC

We decided to make the CLFP program the centerpoint of an employee continuing education and training program. While not specifically designed for that purpose it is a great way to train employees and expose them to all of the facets of the leasing and financing industry. Each of our employees had the option to participate or not. Whether or not they decided to sit for the test, all involved gained a broader and deeper knowledge of the industry as well as a higher level of confidence in their job skills.

Donna Wesemann, CLFP
BB&T Commercial Capital Equipment Corp.

During a troubling time in our industry when “leasing” was experiencing some negative media and our industry was misunderstood, I felt it important for vendors and customers to know they were working with a qualified and credible expert. I was also looking for a way to take my career up to the next level and pursue job advancement. The President of our company at that time, Ken Collins, had suggested taking the CLFP courses and exam. Studying and taking the exam has made me more confident and positive. It has had a major impact on my professional progress by having my level of expertise understood and recognized. During my many years in leasing and finance, my job responsibilities required the evaluation and decisions on choosing the right indirect business partners to develop a funding relationship with. Prospects that displayed the CLFP designation, distinguished themselves as individuals and companies with a reputation of integrity, expertise and a higher standard of ethical practices. These were the individuals and companies that I choose to focus on and work with.

Jack Harvey, CLFP
Enterprise Financial Solutions, Inc.

I wanted to obtain my CLFP status for several reasons. First and foremost, I believe that to serve your customers well one must have superior product knowledge. I believe in customer relationships and one significant value that we can add to the customer relationship is knowledge to help our customers with their financial decisions. Also, the CLFP status and the knowledge that it brings, gives me the confidence to talk to knowledgeable customers about their companies’ financial opportunities. Finally, it was a personal challenge and goal to be the best that I can be in my industry. I believe that EVERY broker in our industry should have the CLFP Handbook in their library and a goal to be a CLFP. Our industry would be a better place to work for all.

Bruce Winter, CLFP
FSG Leasing Inc

By earning the CLFP designation, an individual demonstrates they have not only mastered a comprehensive knowledge base reflecting all aspects of the equipment leasing and financing industry but they also have proven they possess solid work and study habits necessary to pass the CLFP exam.   When I see the letters “CLFP” on a business card, I see a person who was willing to undertake a challenge and accomplish a significant professional goal.  Only those that have truly absorbed the many facets of our industry can reasonably expect to earn their certification.  In my eyes, those individuals recognized as CLFP’s have proven they have a comprehensive skill set that will undoubtedly serve them well throughout their career.

Nancy A Geary, CPA, CLFP
ECS Financial Services, Inc.

I believe the CLFP designation gives ECS Financial Services, Inc. an additional level of credibility. While our CPA designation says we know accounting, the CLFP designation tells clients and prospects that we also understand the leasing industry. Obtaining the CLFP designation was a great start to establishing a reputation of expertise in the industry, which I believe is critical to the success of any service provider.

Rosanne M Wilson, CLFP
1st Independent Leasing, Inc

Carrying those 4 little letters (CLFP) after my name on all my business cards and correspondence has given me a vote of confidence by my Vendors and Lessees. They have told me they feel a real sense of security knowing they are dealing with the best of the breed.

The CLFP designation is our industry standard of excellence. I believe that this designation makes the statement that Banc of California is committed to being the best in class lessor within our industry. Additionally, the designation is a differentiating factor with our vendors and customers that distinguishes us from our competitors. Finally, the CLFP network is full of the brightest minds in our industry and is an invaluable resource to help grow my business.

Steve Reid, CLFP

What does the CLFP designation mean to me…well, I was attending a local UAEL meeting a number of years ago, and there were several individuals from GE sharing my table. They mentioned that if they received the CLFP designation that they would get a $1,000 bonus. I mentioned this to my boss, Paul Menzel, and he asked if I had planned on going to work for GE. I guess one could conclude that there is no money value to the CLFP designation as I still work for Paul, so it must be something else. I have been in this industry for over 20 years and I consider myself a professional. To be a professional, one should have a good understanding and knowledge in all the phases of their chosen profession. This is the major benefit of the CLFP designation. At the time I started studying for the CLFP test, we did not have the formalized classes or the Leasing handbook. I collected articles and handouts that I had saved from prior association meetings and conferences. I even found parts of the “blue binder” that was the original study guide. This studying forced me to learn all the different aspects of our industry, such as accounting, collections, legalese, etc. I was forced to learn about the parts of the business that I had never cared about, or was concerned with, as it didn’t affect my job, or so I believed. What this forced studying did was provide me with an all-encompassing knowledge of our leasing industry. What does it mean today? It states that I have a good understanding and overview of our industry. Does it mean I am an expert in all phases of Leasing? No! As I have told people who have asked me difficult or challenging questions, “I only need to be correct 75% of the time to be a CLFP”, but being right three out of four times puts me way ahead of the average leasing person. Would you recommend it to others? Yes! If you are calling yourself a “professional” and making your livelihood in leasing, you owe it to your business associates, your lessees, your vendors, your funders, and most of all to yourself and your family who depends on you for their well being. In summary that CLFP designation is the self-satisfaction in knowing that I am a “Professional” in the leasing industry.

Spencer Richman, CLFP
AFN Equipment Leasing & Financing Services

I use my CLFP designation as a means of differentiating myself from the rest of my competition.  I find that I can effectively use my CLFP designation, along with my other professional association service and recognition, to show potential vendors and lessees that my company is something different.  I explain to them that what it all means is that they can TRUST us to treat them (or their clients) professionally, honestly, and ethically.  It means that we have competitive pricing, and thorough industry knowledge with which to serve them and their clients.

John Rosenlund, CLFP

I am a firm believer in the CLFP credential for all leasing and financing industry professionals. It distinguishes us as industry advocates and reinforces our vision of competency and ethics in this complex environment we are operating in. Personally, it lets other professionals know I am dedicated to my profession and they can feel comfortable they will be dealt with in a consistent, ethical and business-like manner. I have enjoyed teaching at the various CLFP and industry sessions and consider it an honor to serve on the Board. It was definitely worth the agony of the exam! My advice to others: Step Up, If I can do this, so can you!

Larry LaChance, CLFP
Bankers Capital

Why I became a CLFP. One Major Word: CREDIBILITY – Being the Best of the Best in the Leasing Industry. Similar to the CFP designation in the Financial Planning Industry. Many Financial Planners out there but very FEW “Certified” Financial Planners