I’ve never been interested in either exchanges or cryptocurrencies. I came across CLP by accident while browsing online for exchange services where I could exchange euros for dollars. I was attracted by the title of one of the articles. I no longer remember it exactly, but it certainly concerned the use of blockchain technology. The topic seemed interesting to me – it was so different from electronic banking we are all familiar with that I started reading other articles available on the site. As my knowledge of cryptocurrencies deepened, I had a growing appetite for more content, and I also wanted to become a BTC owner. Using the advice of authors contributing to the CLP website, I set up my electronic wallet and bought my first Bitcoin. Then, I read literally all the articles about investing before making my first steps on the stock market. The result? I have an extra $3,000 in my pocket. If it weren’t for CLP, I definitely wouldn’t have made that much money.

I already have plenty of experience as an investor, but in the area of raw material and textile trading… I’ve heard a bit about cryptocurrencies, but due to the high risk of losing out, I wasn’t particularly keen on looking into this market. This changed when in December 2020, Bitcoin’s exchange rate reached a record value of over 28 thousand USD. Then I realized that cryptocurrencies are not a worse investment product than, for example, shares of a company. I became interested in the topic and joined CLP. I was surprised by the very high level of content posted there. After browsing through a few articles, I was sure that they were written either by experienced investors or at least after a consultation with them. The factual advice and tips, which I could not find anywhere else, allowed me to take my first steps in the world of cryptocurrencies, and later – to make money on them

I first heard about cryptocurrencies from a friend. He has been digging into this topic for a long time. He told me about his investments, but after each conversation, I forgot what he was saying. A few weeks later, I came across an article about Bitcoin somewhere. They called bitcoin ‘the new gold’. I clicked it, read it, remembered the upcoming rent payment that I was short on money for, and…. I decided to take a chance. I started looking online for advice on investing in cryptocurrencies, and I came across CLP. I followed, point by point, all the recommendations. Today, I earn on cryptocurrencies a few dozen euros a month. And I was a complete layman! Thanks a lot!