The committees and task forces below are responsible for generating new ideas and the support to see them become reality. A committee may, depending upon its charter and specific needs, have a number of subcommittees to help divide the activities into more manageable chunks. CLFPs are encouraged to take the opportunity to get involved and help advance the CLFP Vision.

Body of Knowledge Task Force

This task force supports the ongoing update of the Body of Knowledge which is reviewed and edited annually.

Exam Task Force

This task force reviews sections of the exam and suggests questions that may be used. Questions will be removed or revised as we see pass/fail percentages on the new exam.

Recertification Task Force

This task force determines the subjects and comprises the content for the annual industry knowledge review.

Marketing Committee

This committee supports the strategic initiatives for the Foundation each year which are determined by the Board of Directors.

Nominating Committee

Responsible for choosing nominees among those CLFPs in Good Standing to stand for election to open positions on the CLFP Board of Directors for the current year. 

Future Strategic Planning Committee

This committee will set key performance goals, perform a risk assessment and determine the potential market for the Foundation.

Membership Committee

This committee identifies and recruits companies and/or individuals for potential CLFP involvement and helps develop membership retention policies.

Development Committee

This committee will determine partnership levels and recruit both corporate and personal partnerships and fundraising events.

Global Expansion Committee

This committee will determine viable international opportunities to introduce the CLFP certification.