CLFP Foundation – Requirements

  1. CLFP candidates must have a minimum of three years of verifiable equipment leasing and financing experience; however, one year may be substituted with other financial experience; check with us for eligibility requirements. For those with less than three years experience, please look into the CLFP Associate designation.
  2. Completed application and examination fee
  3. Committee approval to sit for the exam

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The CLFP Exam is an eight-hour test featuring various question formats including multiple choice, true/false, etc.  The Exam is cumulative and a score of 75% is needed to pass.  If 75% is not obtained, the individual sections are taken into consideration and only the sections that the person did not pass would need to be taken again.  

Part I – 200 points (90 Minutes)

History & Purpose of Leasing – 75 points

Leasing Law – 100 points

Part II – 200 points (150 Minutes)

Financial and Tax Accounting – 100 points

Pricing – 100 points

Part III – 250 points (120 Minutes)

Credit – 125 points

Documentation – 125 points

Part IV – 250 points (120 Minutes)

Sales and Marketing – 75 points

Funding, Operations and Customer Service – 75 points

Collections – 50 points

Asset and Portfolio Management – 50 points