The beginning users of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency might have a hard time finding themselves in the maze of such terms as blockchain, mining or cryptocurrency wallet. The topics related to cryptocurrencies get touched upon in mainstream media. All we have to do is type the right query in a search engine and Google will display dozens of results. Another valuable source of information are web forums where one can find the answers to many burning questions.

Where to look for information on bitcoins?

Is a bitcoin forum a good source of information? A post by an anonymous user tends to be much more helpful than articles by a professional journalist, published in a newspaper or on a website. Although different kinds of forums are full of advertising entries posted by people who make profits on such referrals, one could still assume with a huge dose of certainty that vast majority of users express their genuine opinions on a particular topic. That’s why a Forum post may hold a bigger value than an article on a popular website. On top of that, web forums may offer the kind of information that we won’t find anywhere else.

Users are eager to share their practical tips, they help each other solve problems, they provide instant replies. They form a community within which you can share your opinions, experiences and knowledge on cryptocurrencies with others. That’s something press articles can’t do. It is worth knowing, though, where on the Internet to look for Reliable information on the blockchain technology, the functioning of virtual money and other topics related to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin forum: find the answer to your question

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) have their own rules that make them fundamentally different from the way traditional currencies such as USD function (although there are also some similarities to be found between them). Efficient and skillful Use of bitcoin or ETH requires knowing those rules.

In order to be able to conduct transactions using a cryptocurrency, all we have to do is know the basic rules applying to a particular cryptocurrency system. Investments on exchanges, however, are actually a whole new level. A cryptocurrency exchange works a little differently from a stock exchange, which has to do with the specificities of cryptocurrencies as such. First we need to learn a bit about this and that, read articles online, go through more than one post.

What topics are discussed on a bitcoin forum?

It’s not just investing on exchanges, though, that causes problems that cryptocurrency users have to deal with. Operating the systems for BTC, ETH or any other also causes problems for those who only use cryptocurrencies for payments. In case of any problems and doubts related to selling or buying bitcoins or to the security of the transactions made, it’s a good idea to visit a bitcoin forum. You can visit websites directly related to specific forums (cryptocurrency portals usually have their own message boards).

The topics discussed there include the practical issues related to using digital money, as well as interesting matters from the world of cryptocurrencies or the theoretical intricacies of the blockchain technology. A bitcoin forum is also a place to discuss the Latest industry news, which allows Internet users to confront their point of view with other people’s opinions. What factors influence the bitcoin exchange rate is something you can learn from any random cryptocurrency website, but the information on particular digital wallets is actually something you should seek on a bitcoin forum.

It is the best to use forums that attract large numbers of users. The more people, the higher the chances that you will get a quick and substantial reply to the questions asked. If you need to wait more than 24h, it looks like you’ve ended up in a place that isn’t visited often. See who and when logged in the last time (all the information on logging time can usually be found on the bottom of the page). If you’re browsing a forum in December, for example, and the last post was made by the end of September or October, it doesn’t really promise lively discussions. Remember to also browse through the content of threads and evaluate their substantive value before you decide to open an account.

bitcoin forum

Which bitcoin forum to choose?

The Internet is really filled with web forums devoted to BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. That’s where you will find interesting information on virtual coins. From buying your first bitcoin, to opening a cryptocurrency wallet, all the way to exchange operations. Of course not every post is worth its weight in gold, but if you go through frequently visited forums, you are bound to find answers to your questions. And if you don’t – you can always write a post.

Opening an account on a bitcoin forum doesn’t require providing any personal data – all you have to do is enter your nickname and up-to-date e-mail address. Certain forums may also require disclosing gender or age, but that shouldn’t be a problem to anyone. Then all that is left to do is agree to everything and click the “log in” button.

A bitcoin forum allows you to send and receive private messages from others, which makes it possible to connect with other users of this currency from all over the world. You will learn things on a forum that popular websites don’t share with their readers. Topics like the current prices of cryptocurrencies, how a blockchain works etc. are no secret to anyone – you can learn them from many sources made available on Google. How not to put yourself at too much risk of painful losses in case of an adverse change to the exchange rate, however, is something you will mainly learn on a forum. In places like these you will learn all the secret know&how that allows to Invest with profit and make huge money on selling cryptocurrencies.


Web forums devoted to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency are a valuable source of information that is worth using. It is common knowledge that the prices of digital currencies are volatile (the latest crash clearly confirmed it) and because of that larger investments come with a risk of huge losses. Forums that bring together Bitcoin users allow to verify certain news from mainstream web portals that incline investors to make rushed decisions, often with disastrous results. There’s also one more reason that makes forums worth visiting: other forum users are your potential business partners that you might do business with.

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