The growing interest in cryptocurrencies has resulted in an increasing number of websites and web forums devoted to them being created on the Internet. How to not get lost in that maze? Which forums are worth visiting? What makes them stand out? We invite you to read the below article.

Is digitization of money unavoidable?

Up until recently, a full digitization of money seemed like a scenario belonging in distant future. We were so used to money in its physical form that it was difficult for us to imagine it disappearing completely. We may be used to digital banking, BLIK and payment cards, but would we be ready to remove cash from the circulation? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the topic of potential replacement of banknotes and coins with their virtual counterparts keeps coming up in the media. Vast majority of the society looks at this idea sceptically, as making it happen would entail increased control of government institutions over citizens.

If money becomes nothing but information stored somewhere on servers, it will be easier to steal. Debtors will have no ways of defending themselves from collectors, and in crisis situations the government may even go as far as use its citizens’ savings. It is no wonder that a project of full money digitization is met with such strong social concerns. Cryptocurrencies forum – discussion panel is a place of heated conversations on the topic.

Books, portals, forums…

We can find out what a monetary system based only on virtual payment units would look like by observing the cryptocurrency market. Digital currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, have caught on in many places around the world. You can use them to pay for different types of products and services. You can also make profits on investments. Despite cryptocurrencies still being a relatively Marginal phenomenon, the number of people interested in means of payment of this type keeps growing day by day. The information on cryptocurrencies should be sought – depending on the goal we have – either in professional literature or online.

Average users who wish to pay with bitcoins for using services and purchasing products don’t have to study the literature on the subject – all they need is Internet and web portals such as ours. They won’t need detailed knowledge of law. The less ambitious investors will also find sufficient information on investing online. The factors that influence the cryptocurrency exchange rate, for example, can be read about on Google. If somebody, however, wanted to create a new cryptocurrency or improve the already existing systems, or achieve extraordinary results on exchanges – they should devote a little more time to cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies – a forum as a source of information

A rich source of knowledge on cryptocurrencies are discussion web forums. Browsing the contents of a forum doesn’t require an account – all we have to do is enter the address in the web browser to gain access to all the different threads grouped into different categories. We don’t need to provide any personal data or download any files onto the hard drive.

A web forum is not only for sharing tips with masses of Internet users we don’t know – it is also a place for Sharing opinions on different cryptocurrencies, projects or phenomenons taking place on the market. Using a forum gives an orientation in the industry, allows to form an opinion on certain things and learn from more experienced investors. That’s what makes it a good idea to open an account – at least to be able to ask a question in case of any doubts or problems. The forum users will certainly leave their mark in your threads.

Cryptocurrency forum

Cryptocurrencies: a web forum vs Facebook

Internet users look for information on BTC or other cryptocurrencies not only in books, on web portals and web forums, but also on social media. Facebook has plenty of groups that bring together people interested in this topic. That’s also where you can find interesting content, although it seems that all the comments in such places are doomed to be forgotten. After some time, once they get pushed down, they have low chances of being read by someone. The advantage of a web forum is that it is more orderly and constitutes an archive of a sort where all the contents are always available. If you want to ask a question, you can do it On a forum or a group, but in the latter case your discussion will sooner or later get buried under newer threads and won’t be very likely to be useful to other Internet users.

On top of that, it is easier to find the information we need on a web forum than on a Facebook page, where the position of threads is impacted by the date of posting new comments. Threads not divided into separate sections, depending on the topic, also speak to the disadvantage of FB. On the other hand, it seems that the interaction on social media is more lively.


A web forum might make a valuable source of knowledge on cryptocurrencies. On the websites specified by us you can discuss not only the topic of Bitcoin, which is the most popular cryptocurrency as of now, but also other topics. You don’t have to set up a profile to be able to browse the contents; your personal data also won’t be needed by anyone. Forums are often heated with discussions on whether the prices will go up due to some major event that the attention of media is currently focused on; whether 2020 will turn out to be crucial for trading cryptocurrencies and whether the exchange won’t collapse due to the economic shock caused by the pandemic.

The users form a lively community, and every widely known digital currency has its share there. Although forums at first seem similar to each other, they are mainly formed by active users, and each of them has something that others don’t. Which makes it a good idea when seeking knowledge on cryptocurrencies to not only take into account articles published in the press or on web portals, but also web forums that make it possible to actively participate in a discussion.

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