There are several ways to get your hands on bitcoins. You can buy them through a stock exchange, convert cash into them at a currency exchange, or if you are into mining, you can also “mine” bitcoins. However, all these ways involve some cost. Is it possible to get bitcoins for free? What is a bitcoin bonus?

Where to find information about blockchain technology?

The topic of cryptocurrencies has now taken a permanent hold in the media. An increasing number of people are becoming interested in digital money, as evidenced by the growing number of search engine queries. However, alternative payment systems such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar or IOTA still remain a marginal phenomenon. Most businesses offering various services do not accept bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. It is therefore in the interest of the developers of these networks to spread the knowledge about cryptocurrencies, publicize profitable investments and present digital assets as a potential source of income.

We managed to find many reliable publications online, which contain detailed information about the blockchain technology, on which cryptocurrency networks are based. There is also no shortage of tutorials providing step-by-step instructions on how to become an informed user of cryptocurrencies (we hope that our website will also deserve to be called a good introduction to this subject). In order to encourage Internet users to use cryptocurrencies, its developers imitate various methods. One of them are The so-called airdrops, or bonuses. Bonus bitcoin – allows you to get various amounts of money within a few days (of course not in dollars, but in cryptocurrency).

Bonus bitcoin – how to get it?

When referring to cryptocurrencies, the term ‘airdrop’ means a type of bonus with which the developers want to encourage people to use cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin bonus thus serves a marketing function. According to surveys, a significant number of BTC users started using digital money not by purchasing BTC, but by the initial bonuses that are available to everyone. Some have even managed to make money from their investments.

Marketing specialists have long noticed that you can get people to perform certain actions in exchange for a small reward. Sharing a post on Facebook costs nothing, as does clicking the “like” button. Writing a comment requires some ingenuity, but it’s still not much effort. In return, you can receive a bitcoin bonus. With regular sharing, liking, and commenting on content suggested by the developer, you can come into possession of bitcoins. As it turns out, Facebook allows you to make a little bit of profit.

However, it should be noted that these will not be large amounts. BTC has as many as 8 decimal places – you literally get fractions of a bitcoin for doing the developer some favours. But if you collect a piece here and a piece there…. Some people earn as much as a few hundred dollars this way by devoting a bit of their free time to social media activity. The average rate depends on the specific airdrop.

Find out how else you can get a bitcoin bonus!

Above, we have mentioned just a few possibilities. However, there are more. In addition to shares, likes, and comments, the developer may require user registration on a cryptocurrency exchange platform – this will naturally involve providing an email address and possibly personal information.

Anyone can register on such a platform, in just a few minutes. For verifying one’s identity, subscribing to newsletters, retweets and contributing to YouTube activity one can receive an additional bitcoin bonus. It’s pretty simple: such tasks cost practically nothing and allow you to earn real money. Keep an eye on the market, find out about various promotional campaigns in which everyone has a chance to get Free bitcoins.

Bitcoin bonus – cryptocurrency multiplication

Another type of airdrop is the bitcoin bonus given for having other cryptocurrencies in your wallet. If you want to get the bitcoin bonus, you also need to be in possession of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, for example. After a random “drop” your account will be credited with new funds. The blockchain is broken, so to speak, resulting in the creation of two separate chains – with the new chain copying all the data from the old chain.

The result is that you have the old and new cryptocurrency in your bitcoin wallet in equal amounts. To make it more difficult, developers put Certain requirements on users, for example, to get a bitcoin bonus, you need to possess a certain minimum number of tokens. Sometimes bonuses are given to residents of specific countries only, and the average rate depends on various variables.

Bonus bitcoin – bitcoin faucets

The bitcoin bonus is not limited to the airdrops mentioned above. There are also websites where you can get Free bitcoins as well as other cryptocurrencies every day. However, you need to keep in mind that bitcoin is divided up to eight decimal zeros – each of these zeros is expertly referred to as a satoshi. On a website with free BTC you will not come into possession of large sums, of course.

Only little drops are dripping from this “faucet” – and at significant intervals. Therefore, acquiring Free bitcoins is not a matter of a short moment. You will certainly not make a lot of money in a short period of time. Earning additional bitcoins is a slow process, and you have to perform certain tasks each day to be able to collect a small fraction of BTC.

Bonus bitcoin

Is there a catch?

There is none. Websites of this kind are created by various entities that derive financial benefit from placing advertisements. The more users use the site, the more money the owners of the website earn. Internet users download Free satoshi, and those responsible for the website get paid by advertisers.

This income far Outweighs the cost of allocating the Free satoshi, so the business is running, and the company can continue to prosper. As you can see, the rules are very simple. Some “faucets” require the use of a special program, but you can also use this type of service through the web. Registration does not involve sharing your personal information – usually a username and e-mail address is sufficient.

Bonus bitcoin for completing tasks

“Faucets” reward users with various amounts of satoshi (the bonus amount sometimes depends on the day). To receive them, you need to perform certain tasks, such as staying online for a while, watching videos, completing captcha, or playing games. You can also get Free satoshi by clicking on certain elements on the site.
It would not be out of place to mention the most famous ” faucets” offering the bitcoin bonus.

Bonus bitcoin at ranks at the top of various rankings that compare websites offering a bitcoin bonus. This is certainly due to the highest payout ratio. The company has been providing its services since 2013 and has gained several thousand users so far. The site has a simple, intuitive interface and is designed for anyone who wishes to acquire Free satoshi. There is also information available on how the bitcoin network works, as well as many games of various kinds.

All that is required to create an account is an email address. From time to time, the site organizes contests for its users, and it also rewards people who introduce other Internet users to the website with a referral link. If you would like to withdraw BTC from your account, e.g. the amount equal to 5 000 satoshi – no problem, the transfer of funds takes one day, on average. To register on the website, all you need to do is provide your e-mail, username, and password.

Bonus bitcoin at Daily Free Bits

At Daily Free Bits you don’t need to register or provide a username or password. All you need to do is enter your wallet’s public address and give your standard consent for data processing. Regular website visitors receive a bonus ranging from 100 to as much as 1200 satoshi. Small fractions of bitcoin flow into your wallet every hour – naturally, you must be online at all times.

Daily Free Bits started using (bitcoin faucet) in late 2019 and has only supported BTC and ETH since then. Once you’re on the website, scroll down, find the RECEIVE link, then complete the captcha and press CLAIM. You will instantly receive your new satoshi, just like on the bitcoin faucet. You can withdraw a minimum of 100 satoshi from the website. You will not require any software in order to use all of the features.


The bitcoin bonus is a real treat for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. On some websites you can earn as much as 5,000 satoshi. All you have to do is simply stay online and perform minor tasks, resulting in BTC being credited to you. If you have any doubts, visit one of the websites described above and see how easy it is for yourself. In addition to games, CAPTCHA prompts and other tools you will also find up-to-date information about the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Airdrops for users of social networking sites such as Facebook are also an interesting bonus.

There is no doubt that Free bitcoins are A great way to popularize digital money. Although there is no shortage of experts who argue that cryptocurrencies will not be widely adopted in financial markets, and that the current interest in them is only temporary. Be that as it may, it is worth taking an interest in the subject and giving alternative payment methods a chance.

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