Any person wishing to start dealing with cryptocurrency must decide on which stock exchange they will invest on. The competition on the stock is very high. The stock exchanges try to attract customers by offering new opportunities every day. Thanks to the mutual rivalry of the stock exchanges we can enjoy great conditions for using the platform. One of the exchanges that tries to attract customers with innovative systems is HitBTC.

Exchange HitBTC – general information

The HitBTC exchange has been operating on the market since 2013 and offers all the most popular cryptocurrencies A wide selection of altcoins gives many opportunities to investors. The Exchange gains many followers thanks to an interesting discount system, which is available to regular exchange users. This is a kind of thanksgiving for generating liquidity on the exchange. The exchange offers a clear and intuitive interface.

The platform is maintained continuously on the market, which should indicate its quality, but there are many opinions that question the honesty of the platform. The exchange has a high level of security, which theoretically makes it resistant to hacker attacks. This should reassure some investors.

Browser and mobile wallet on HITBTC exchange

Since the exchange does not support fiduciary currencies, otherwise known as fiat currencies, a user who decides to start investing on the HitBTC exchange must take into account the need to set up a separate cryptocurrency portfolio to use the exchange.

The platform has a simple and intuitive interface, which ensures free movement of the exchange. Those who want to find out more about the platform can use a demo version, which will allow to make a decision about possible use of the stock exchange services. Thanks to the demo version, investors can start their adventure with cryptocurrencies without the risk of losing their funds. The demo version is also available on the phone, which is undoubtedly a big advantage.

Fees and commissions on the Exchange HitBTC

The commission system is based on the Maker/Taker system. The system divides customers according to their influence on the liquidity of the platform.

A maker is a person who increases the liquidity of the platform through his transactions. Transactions which increase the liquidity of the transaction consist in setting prices far from the current cryptovalute prices. As a reward for a positive impact on the liquidity of the exchange such investors do not pay any commission. Moreover, they receive a bonus. For the positive impact on the functioning of the exchange they can gain 0.01% of the transaction amount.

Taker is the opposite of Maker. It is a person who trades cryptocurrencies at current prices, as a result of which the exchange loses liquidity. Such investors must reckon with a commission of 0.25%. This commission is to be a form of compensation for the platform’s loss of liquidity.

All fee tables and spreads valid on the platform are available on the platform’s website.


Registration, verification and logging on the HITBTC exchange

In order to register on the HitBTC exchange, you need to provide your personal data and then verify your account. This verification is done by sending a scanned document confirming our identity. In most platforms, however, HitBTC has introduced the KYC system to complete the verification process. Know Your Customer, because this is what the exchange allows the exchange to ask the customer to verify his or her account again at any time.

What opinions does the Exchange stock HitBTC market have? What do they write on the forum?

The Exchange enjoys good opinions and the Health system is particularly praised. Thanks to it, clients can check the status of the operation they have ordered at any time. Thanks to this function, the efficiency of the service has become completely transparent. The statistics, updated in real time, allow users to see how much is happening on the trading platforms at once.

A great deal of flattering opinions about the stock exchange results from numerous instructional articles. The platform tries to educate new investors willing to try their hand at their stock exchange.

On the other hand, users are not entirely satisfied with the KYC system for user verification. About the way of registration and verification there will be more information later, I encourage you to read more.

In 2017, warnings from dissatisfied customers began to appear. According to the opinions that can be found in Internet forums, there are cases of unjustified blocking of accounts on the stock exchange, with the consequence that funds cannot be withdrawn. However, these problems were quickly solved.

Although these events were among the more episodic and should not be used as a basis for the stock exchange, the image of the platform has undoubtedly suffered.

Payment and withdrawal to the account – Exchange stock HitBTC

The undoubted advantages of the platform include the lack of restrictions on withdrawals and deposits. There are exchanges where we have a limited number of withdrawals per month. This provides security for the stock exchange against sudden withdrawals of most of the capital. On the HitBTC exchange every user can manage their capital fully freely, without worrying about the maximum number of withdrawals per month. This solution will surely appeal to people who like to have some freedom to invest their spendings.

Withdrawals from the account unfortunately take quite a long time. Usually the funds from the stock exchange will be transferred to our wallet within 7 days. This can be troublesome for people who want to reinvest their funds quickly.

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