Kraken is an exchange where users can freely exchange and trade cryptocurrencies. The sector dates back to 2011, where it gained popularity on its home market in the United States and began to gain a large audience in the European Union and Canada. The exchange is a provider of official cryptocurrency rates, through another well-known platform respected by professionals – Bloomberg.

Exchange Kraken – general information

Kraken Exchange was registered as a broker-dealer with the official US-based Securities and Exchange Commission in 2018. This event was the culmination of several years of efforts by the platform, which has also won many other less official titles due to its efficiency and the ever-growing number of satisfied brokers.

At the moment, thanks to the Kraken exchange, an investor has the opportunity to buy and trade cryptocurrencies both with the use of classical mechanisms, as well as using the so-called leverage options. This procedure can be compared, in a way, to taking out a loan, because the user only uses a part (often insignificant) of his or her own funds for investment purposes. The remaining amount is borrowed, so that at the point of paying everything off, the value is much higher than when using a limited amount of money in the form of cryptocurrency.

The exchange itself offers the purchase of many types of cryptocurrencies, among which are the popular Bitcoin, Monero, Ether, USD Thether, Ripple, Augur, Dogecoin, DASH, or Bitcoin Cash. However, the Kraken platform is constantly evolving, so that current and future investors can count on the regular introduction of the latest developments in a very short period of time. A very important issue determining the popularity of the service is the possibility of independent setting of both the sale and purchase prices of the underlying asset.

Browser and mobile-based wallet on the Kraken exchange

When making a deposit on the Kraken exchange in the value accepted in euros, the service does not charge us any commission. However, such an option is possible only via SEPA. The same applies to withdrawals, however, in this case SEPA additionally allows for much faster transaction booking and processing time.

Additionally, the investor using the exchange through both the browser and mobile application, can utilize not just the features offered by the service’s wallet, but also use an external cryptocurrency wallet.

Fees and commissions on the Exchange Kraken

In this case, the Kraken exchange has catered to its users as well, by using a fee system based on so-called tiers. This is based on the fact that the higher the total turnover on the account, the lower the fees the user will incur when making further transactions. However, this happens after the next currency pair has been traded. A very important factor is also one of the platform’s features, which allows to calculate the rate adjusted individually, according to the percentage of the transaction result.

In the case of specific pairs of cryptocurrencies, they have individual pricing of fees, which can be previewed even before the transaction is made. However, remember to assess them over a period of the last 30 days.


Registration, verification, and logging-in on the Kraken exchange

If the Kraken exchange, which has more than 4 million users, seems to be the right place for you to start investing in cryptocurrencies, or you wish to change the current platform you are using, it is worth getting acquainted with the registration process. Of course, you need to provide all the necessary personal information, but the process itself is very simple due to the need to scan an identity document. Next, you need to set up and determine the procedure responsible for two-factor authentication of the newly created account.

The account verification, despite the large number of traders and brokers does not take long, and the possibility of contact via a 24hour live chat, significantly reduces the waiting time. Logging in can be done either through a web browser or a mobile application. In both cases, all you have to do is enter the details you specified during the verification process.

What opinions does the Exchange stock Kraken market have? What do they write on the forum?

User and broker reviews of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange are mainly positive. Investors appreciate the high security of the platform and the proportional earning potential on transactions. In addition, a very large number of cryptocurrencies is an often-mentioned advantage, as well as, as a rule, a higher percentage of profits than losses when using the leverage mechanism. The exchange itself is also very stable and does not experience large price fluctuation for a particular currency, relative to its real value in the market, which makes the platform more dependable.

Of course as with any exchange, we can also come across unhappy users referring to several shortcomings. Users often complain about poor customer support, as well as the inadequate adaptation of servers to such a large investor base. However, in the case of such a popular service, it is hardly surprising that it is impossible to answer so many customers at the same time and the system sometimes becomes overloaded.

Payment and withdrawal to the account – Exchange stock Kraken

The limits that can be reached on the exchange depend on whether the transactions can be verified. The choice of the specific investment method is equally important, as it determines the booking time oscillating between 1 and 7 business days.

It is important to note that the Kraken platform does not accept cash or credit card deposits from any external providers. In order to deposit and withdraw funds, it is essential to have a bank account and perform a transfer through it. The main reason for such approach is the matter of user safety and improved verification.

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