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how do cryptocurrencies work

How do cryptocurrencies work? How to understand virtual currency?

Cryptocurrencies are fundamentally different from the banknotes and coins we know. They are not controlled by any institutions, and no bank issues them. Due to the different technology, transfers from one wallet to another occur differently compared to electronic banking. In this article, we will…

bitcoin miner

What is a (BTC) bitcoin miner? Overview and functions

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the most puzzling activities associated with cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It requires advanced computer hardware with which “miners” extract more bitcoins. We discuss all the details of this process below. On this page The number of people…

cryptocurrency quotes and prices

Current data of Cryptocurrency quotes and prices.

The values of cryptocurrencies are more volatile than the prices of traditional currencies. That’s all the more reason to pay attention to the trends on the market, especially when it comes to very large investments. What do the quotes for digital currencies depend on and…

cryptocurrency mining

What is a story about cryptocurrency mining?

You’ve likely already come across this term while reading about cryptocurrencies. I’ll bet that your first reaction was confusion: after all, cryptocurrencies are virtual, and a mine reminds us of a place that is all too real, where the thud of pickaxes is mixed with…

types of cryptocurrencies

What are the types of cryptocurrencies? Overview and differences

There are now over 3,000 different cryptocurrencies around the world. Almost each of them has something to offer that the others don’t, and their number is constantly growing. How to get caught up in this abundance? Based on what criteria are the currencies grouped into…

best cryptocurrency

The best cryptocurrency on the market. Which ones are leading and why?

Since 2009, when Bitcoin was created, the Cryptocurrency market has grown steadily. Over the years, an increasing number of cryptosystems have been developed, offering solutions that Bitcoin did not offer (and still doesn’t to this day). Presently, internet users can choose between many different cryptocurrencies….

where to buy cryptocurrency

How and where to buy cryptocurrency safely?

How and where to buy cryptocurrency safely? Do you want to buy Bitcoin? Or maybe a different cryptocurrency such as Ethereum? No problem: below, we explain step-by-step how you can safely own any cryptocurrency you want without unnecessary risks. In This Article: Digital currencies are…

cryptocurrency predictions

What are the latest cryptocurrency predictions?

Wondering if it’s worth investing in cryptocurrencies? What will 2021 be like for Bitcoin, as well as other digital currencies? Will the price increase in recent months continue, or should we expect a sharp decline? These are questions that are currently troubling all investors who…