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NFT as a profile picture

Reddit experiments with NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are attracting increasing interest from various industries. Reddit has just joined the circle of experimenters who are utilizing this technology. One of the most recognizable social media platforms has begun testing the implementation of non-fungible tokens. The idea is to give Internet…

The future of the metaverse

The PlayStation creator expresses his scepticism about VR

Ken Kutaragi – the man the world owes PlayStation to – spoke in a debate on virtual reality and the metaverse. In his opinion, projects based on this niche do not make sense. Contrary to PlayStation’s official position, which is enthusiastic about VR, Kutaragi questions…

BTC loan

Loans in BTC? El Salvador is working on a new loan product

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele is currently developing a new loan product for small businesses. It will be based entirely on bitcoin. Some time ago, there was a discussion on Facebook about the possibility of implementing bitcoin loans with lower interest rates in El Salvador. Monica…

famous artists on the NFT

Famous musicians will broadcast NFT on LUM platform

Popular music platform LÜM will allow twenty-five well-known artists to broadcast their own NFT files through the service. The company is modeling its tokens after NBA Top Shot. US music platform LÜM intends to use blockchain technology as part of its operations. Non-fungible tokens (NFT)…

What benefits will PayPal's own cryptocurrency provide?

Will PayPal create its own cryptocurrency?

PayPal, the well-known American company offering payment services, is currently working on creating its own cryptocurrency. So far, nothing is known about the details of this project. Jose Fernandez da Ponte, senior vice president of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies at PayPal, told the media that…

Converting a traditional currency into a digital one

Wallet for the digital yuan now available!

An electronic wallet for the digital yuan is now available in Chinese app shops. This is a quantum leap forward in the dissemination of virtual assets. The pilot version of the e_CNY app is now available for Android and iOS users. Thanks to the electronic…

The Estonian Finance Ministry's statement

Estonia tightens regulations on cryptocurrency wallets

The Estonian Ministry of Finance has announced the implementation of a new law on cryptocurrency service providers. The official statement said that trading in digital assets will continue to be legal, while the new regulations will only cover providers of wallets to store cryptocurrencies. The…

Mexico's central bank

Mexico to create its own digital currency

Mexico’s central bank has announced that it will launch its own ‘digital currency’ by 2024. The inverted commas appear here for a reason, as CBDC will be very different from bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The news was confirmed in an interview by the central bank’s…

Cryptocurrency mines have had their electricity cut off in Iran

Ban on cryptocurrency mining in Iran

Cryptocurrency mining has been banned in Iran on the grounds that it consumes too much energy. Local miners will only be able to resume work at the end of winter. Under pressure from the Iranian Energy Ministry’s demands, local cryptocurrency miners must suspend operations. The…