About three hundred banks in the United States plan to incorporate bitcoin trading using mobile apps into their service. This is to address the growing interest in cryptocurrencies among customers.

According to preliminary estimates, about three hundred banks across the United States intend to introduce a new feature to their mobile apps: bitcoin trading. It is expected to be available in the first or second quarter of 2022. The project will be implemented in cooperation with NYDIG, a company specializing in developing products related to the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency transactions in the US

US bank customers are making more and more cryptocurrency transactions. The growing number prompted many financial institutions to take a deeper look into the market and then integrate traditional banking with the digital asset industry.

Increased activity in consumer accounts was the direct impetus that pushed BankSouth to open up to bitcoin. Vast Bank, on the other hand, succumbed to pressure from customers. Over and over again, inquiries about the ability to safely trade cryptocurrencies prompted executives to expand the range of services with additional functionality on The company’s mobile app.

A significant number of people potentially interested in decentralized payment systems such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple do not use them due to a lack of trust in non-institutional platforms. The option to buy and sell digital assets using tools offered by banks will address these concerns and most likely widen the Circle of bitcoin enthusiasts even further.

With this feature, even those who don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies yet will be able to get accustomed to blockchain technology.

Bitcoin for all!

NYDIG offers specialized tools to make the vision of bitcoin taking root in official financial circulation a reality. What is required for this is the help of banks and various institutions. Providing consumers with secure, institutional tools to trade cryptocurrencies will benefit the entire market.

The idea behind the slogan „Bitcoin for all” used by the NYDIG on the occasion of various speeches has a chance to take real shape. The initiative of American banks will most likely contribute to the further expansion of bitcoin.

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