Silverway is the first platform in the market to provide institutional traders with the access to an extensive database of OTC transactions. The network has its own ERC-20 token, compatible with Ethereum-enabled wallets.

Before the BitBay exchange (followed by other trading platforms) introduced an OTC service for institutional investors, these investors were forced to purchase cryptocurrencies in the same way as private investors. This carried the inevitable risk of sudden price changes, as transactions of very large amounts could easily upset the market balance.

To address this problem, the BitBay exchange has added an OTC service to its offer, which involves institutional investors being able to buy large amounts of cryptocurrencies at a guaranteed price. Further, the service also provides access to liquidity pools and data from many other exchanges. And all of this in one place!

The Silverway platform, which we will focus on in this article, is another step forward in facilitating the lives of institutional investors. This is because it offers access to aggregated data on OTC services across the market, helping various types of institutions make sound investment decisions.

Description and information about Crypto Currency Silverway

Silverway is the industry’s first integrated trading data provider. With this, the platform fills a rather serious market gap by offering institutional investors a wide range of aggregated information on OTC services currently available in the market.

Relying on the offers found by the system, investors are able to choose the most optimal solutions. There is no other cryptocurrency network equipped with such functionality, which makes Silverway a real novelty in the world of digital assets.

In addition to this, the platform allows buying and selling transactions involving private ERC-20 tokens, identified by the acronym SLV.

The SLV utility token is primarily used to cover transaction fees, use additional services and subscribe to the platform.

Each time it is exchanged for services or money, the smart tokens deduct the amount contributed by a fixed percentage, enriching the financial resources of the entire network. In this way, the use of the token contributes to the development of the platform and brings a tangible benefit to users, and the rate correlates directly with the frequency of transactions.

Where and how to start investing in Silverway Crypto Currency?

Silverway (SLV) is a cryptocurrency with a low trading value, so first you need to decide whether you want to take the risk. The lower the market capitalization rate, the greater and more frequent the price fluctuations. SLV is therefore not a sure investment, but the same can be said for currencies with higher market capitalization.

Given the platform’s undoubted potential, perhaps in the more or less distant future it will catch up with other digital assets such as ether (ETH) or litecoin (LTC). It all depends on how often the SLV token, based on the Ethereum blockchain, will be used. An investment in SLV should be preceded by thorough reflection, as well as an awareness of the accompanying risks.

Reviews for Silverway Crypto Currency. What do they write in the forum and in the press?

Silverway received a warm welcome from journalists and experts. Articles devoted to the cryptocurrency emphasize the innovative nature of the project and the benefits that institutional investors can gain by using the SLV token.

The new network has generated even more interest, as a lot has been written lately about OTC services, which in a single order allow you to purchase large amounts of cryptocurrencies, and various ones, at a guaranteed price. Such a facility has been needed in the market for a long time, and Silverway has deftly addressed the niche.

The launch of the new ERC-20 token caused an uproar on the discussion forums. The more courageous began investing right away, reporting back to other users on the ups and downs they experienced. Critical voices also appear – some Internet users complain about the rapid price fluctuations of the token, which make it as easy to gain as to lose on the sale or purchase of SLV. However, most of the entries we managed to reach have a positive overtone.

The price of the currency fluctuates quite a bit, but overall, a large part of investors is satisfied with their investment. As it turns out, a cryptocurrency with a low market capitalization can gather great feedback, which is the best recommendation for others.

Where and how to buy Silverway? What Stock Exchange will be the best?

You can buy Silverway (SLV) cryptocurrency on most cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, OKEx and BitBay. You can also buy Silverway at exchange offices, although you should be aware that the price there is set by the owner, so it may be slightly different from what is listed on the exchange.

Alternatively, you can use various listings available online which compare offers from different exchange points. Remember to check what currencies SLV can be exchanged for within a given platform before you make a purchase. Cryptocurrency exchanges differ not only in the number of assets on offer, but also in the number of acceptable means of exchange.

Where to check the Silverway (SLV) exchange rate? Reliable sources

You can check the current rate of the SLV token on any major cryptocurrency exchange, including Other recommended sources include the Bitrex platform, which offers a wide range of lesser-known digital assets.

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